Message of Mary Magdalene : Couple Sacred, Sacred Sexuality:

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Message of Mary Magdalene : Couple Sacred, Sacred Sexuality:

Message  OYABIO le Jeu 28 Aoû - 16:55

(en français sous ce premier post)

The Magdalen Manuscript
The Alchemies of Horus and The Sex Magic of Isis
by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion


the Mary Magdelena text apocryph http://www.maryofmagdala.com/GMary_Text/gmary_text.html

You are more likely to know that Yeshua was my beloved husband. You are also more and more to (re) learn the truth of what he and I have lived.

No, I'm not the prostitute whose manipulative Church has spoken. Times are unveiled and truth. And other disclosures follow ...

I am an insider. An initiate of the mysteries of Isis and her sex magic.

Already at the time of Yeshua many refused to recognize women's essential and sacred place. Among the disciples even I counted some opponents and detractors. The fact remains that Yeshua, he gave me my rightful place, or, more accurately, he recognized and given to the divine feminine principle, through me, his true place.

Together We have brought these two principles: the divine masculine and divine feminine
We incarnate in us the inner marriage of these two aspects and the physical wedding couple

Another lie from the Church about Yeshua: it denies him a real physical existence, physiological. She claims he became incarnate without knowing what it says low aspects of humanity, that all bodily functions including of course sexuality.

But what makes the beauty and grandeur of the incarnation of Yeshua, is precisely that he was a real man, a human being completely authentic, right down to his doubts and torments.

< br> He has transcended his human condition to fulfill his divine mission, and open the path of light that today you take in the scent. He came to tell you that you are divine, that everyone carries God within him, that everyone is God. He came to sow the seeds of the Christ energy, which can now flourish in all who wish.

And though his teachings have been distorted, he expressed loudly the truth of creation, the truth Mother of God the Father. Everything that exists comes from that divine spirit with both aspects, say male and female, are absolutely inseparable. And all that is return to its Source.
To return to the original light, there are many paths, many ways.
I just remember that sacred sexuality is one of these pathways .

It is not indeed a novelty, many traditions teach. The difference in what I bring, it is precisely the place given to women. You can find more information on this topic in the book of Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion.

Here today and I just focus on the approach the man and woman can take to prepare for this sacred sexuality and live fully.

Know first that sacred sexuality is rooted in what I call the sacred relationship. All humans are not capable of living a sacred relationship, or sacred sexuality. Many couples today still remain constrained in the old energies of neurotic couple.

However, in the heart of those who are awakening to the light, speaks more divine thirst for True Love, while the reunion of twin flames are also more prevalent in these times of great change and acceleration.

So if you think you are with someone who aspires to live like a sacred relationship and sacred sexuality, these words and vibration are for you.

Picture < br> You will not enter overnight in this sacred place. Must initially a common, deep and sincere desire. The True Love is a commitment. Point of need for it civil or religious marriage.

In contrast, the inner marriage is an important prerequisite *. If you have not reconciled and unified in you the divine feminine and the divine masculine, and that you are a man or a woman, do not expect to achieve this union there with the other. Of course, it is possible that within marriage is not quite finished, but just that you have initiated the process sincerely and conscientiously for the relationship and sacred sexuality becomes possible, in a common pathway.

Sacred sexuality as sacred relationship requires sincerity and unwavering respect, for oneself, as to each other. Trust also absolutely must be present.

It is therefore important that you know yourself well, and you know each other well. To do this, talk a lot together. Talk about yourself, love finds you, what you mean to sexuality, what you want to live together. Do not be ashamed, certainly not ! Indulge yourself, open your heart.

I want to emphasize that sacred sexuality is not something mental, disembodied brain. To those that the word "sacred" could put off, I say this: no one has a need to belong or to obey a religion to be in the sacred. The sacred simply means that which refers to the mystery and the essence of life. The sacred is what elevates Being, the sacred is the key to the first Truth.

Sacred sexuality involves no sacrifice and no frustration, it is instead the key to development extraordinary. It does not require draconian abstinence or renunciation of sensuality or pleasure, nor does it exclude playfulness to Love. It is only a question of greater awareness; and respect of self as the Other, which is the same ...

It is a joyful sexuality, do not doubt it. If you feel sad by doing it is that you are wrong, that there is something you do not understand. Be yourself, be true. Even if it seems at first that some things are not compatible with what you think is sacred sexuality, be yourself and see how your emotions and pleasures evolve over practice.

I again repeat: no shame, no guilt! Whatever one could tell you or teach you, these are two feelings that take you away from your divine nature.

So if you feel shame or guilt, do not reject it, not Blocking not, accept them, let them go, let it go. Refocus, recenter simply on Consciousness and Love.

Once you have decided together to enter the sacred sexuality, give yourself time. As I said before, you will not enter overnight in sacred sexuality. Unless you have summers like Yeshua and myself, prepared to live it, it will take time, patience and perseverance.

Also, once you start this practice , you may have not all the time or inclination at first to make love in this way. And it does not matter. The transformation will take place gradually, in depth, and you probably will come one day no longer have the desire to do anything other than love in a sacred manner. However, if you do it again, a "classic" way say it is likely that you will feel some bitterness and sadness. You must be aware of this.

Now see concretely how to prepare for the sacred embrace.
Again, it is important to take your time. Do not plan to have sex before work or before any obligation. It is best not to set a time limit and not plan anything for the future.

Prepare the piece, imagine a short ritual, if you want to practice together so that the piece becomes also a sacred space. Light a candle, incense, choose flowers, stones, or an item that you like, whatever, as long as you feel in a good place with the magic of love.

Prepare your body too, for a bath or special care, so that everyone is connected to his body and comfortable in her nakedness.

Then you install on the bed if you want, Any facing. And start to connect.
To connect you, you can do so by first glance. Look in his eyes, blinking in the least, without shame, without timidity, without false modesty, you really look, eye to eye. Then, without taking his eyes, synchronize your breathing. It is deep and slow, breathe quietly together. We may have a smile on your lips flush, let it flourish

... Then put your hands facing each other, without however they affect; let them make a connection with energy. Made from time to time a deep breath, relax, enjoy the moment, feel it in grace. Keep the connection of the eyes, breathing, energy hands.

If you take the time this connection, it will give you probably already a lot of emotion and perhaps some form of fun too. It may even be the first time, you might want to stop there. Do not force anything, be listening to you.

After this first step, always without physical contact, start sketching caresses energy, hand, or hands, inches away from your partner's body, Imagine that you stroke the etheric body of the other.
You can do both at the same time or one after the other.

At this stage, you will probably want to lie near each other. Start you touch, smooth and weightless. As much as possible keep the connection of looking and breathing. If you feel the need to tell you.

Express your love, your emotions, your pleasure, what you feel, without raising his voice, your voice is too pat. The woman can caress the man if she feels the momentum, and before penetration it is essential that the man caresses the woman, gently, with love and respect, because it is the sacred container of alchemy love, it is the Holy Grail, and it gives the full measure of its powerful energy, she needs to feel loved, safe, and already desired to enter the pleasure and ecstasy in an early in love. Confidence.

Obviously this also can take time before everyone feel fully confident. Man, as the woman comes to the relationship with his fears, his injuries, his beliefs. It may take several attempts before the two can live fully the emotions and sensations provided by the practice of sacred love.

Anyway, if you feel at times blockages, malaise , discomfort, do not be discouraged. Stop the experiment if necessary, smooth also, of course, and try again another day. Meanwhile, tell you what happened, what you experienced, needs to make it easier the next time.

It is possible that reading this you were smiling to the idea of ​​meeting difficulties in practicing what I just described. Maybe you tell yourself that this is easy after all and that I am exaggerating the difficulty of the thing. In this case ask yourself why you did not already love this way. Most people do not really take the time to connect, they rush towards the other more or less quickly, thinking that the discomfort will disappear in the same embrace. With penetration without conscience, they live the sexual act at a basic level that satisfies that primal instincts, but in no case feeds the soul and the divine being that is in them.

< br> While in sexuality in consciousness, it is the Being who is bathed in light and love. Orgasm then gives a true ecstasy, which is a powerful cleansing of the physical body, the emotional and mental bodies.

Regarding alchemy, see the book by Tom Kenyon and Judi Zion I already mentioned. I will not repeat here the details of the practical and technical terms, because that message is more intended to open your awareness of these issues (already addressed by different traditions) and give you the urge to be interested and practice.

This is possible today as it was yesterday reserved for the initiated, is now within reach of a larger number. All of you whose conscience is awakened, called to the light beyond the veil ... you can regain that lost dimension of sacred sexuality, and your lives will be transformed.
Practice the four snakes feel the sun on your head, the sweet bliss of ecstasy, the dazzling brilliance of energy that fills your body ...

I want to address another aspect here, barely touched in the above book, but which I have already alluded to in previous posts.

* This is the third energy, his name is Nuwan. When a couple **
practice sacred love, the moment of orgasm, in addition to the extraordinary energy released in the bodies of both partners, a third energy born of the union and merges the two above them. At first, this energy dissolves after a few minutes or hours.

But if a man and a woman practicing sacred sexuality together regularly and in a true love, Nuwan gradually stabilizes and grows up to actually exist permanently. I told you: Imagine the power of such a couple

The couple are then permanently connected by the third energy, real fruit of their union?. And both of them may use this energy when they want. They then connect the power of the One, the marriage of the masculine and the feminine divine, and that some form of Trinity. The energy of the individual is transcended in the couple and in the fruit of his love. The individual is strong as Three! And I'm not just talking about physical strength, but power creation, materialization in Love.

Although geographically distant, the two are connected, in thought and in the Heart. There are not a matter of a couple of fusion of romance sense, it is no longer a question of attachment, or addiction to another. But rather the conscience of the unit, through the torque-Liberté, engaged in the sacred relationship and sacred sexuality.

I must also reiterate that before you come to that communion and constant connection, there are various stages, more or less easy to live with.

As I said in the book, orgasms in general and the sacred much rather orgasms are powerful vehicles / cleaning tools, both physical, mental and emotional.

After intense ecstasy you will manage large waves of energy, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes depressing, depending on your perception. And all the physical, emotional and mental aspects will be brought to consciousness or "surface" to be transmuted.

This sometimes will cause confrontations between you two. Not when making love, but then in your life everyday.

Do not see these confrontations as something daunting or scary. Of course they are as fireproof, and if your relationship is based on an illusion, it probably will not withstand this extreme tension.
But are you saying that it is better anyway out of a shaky relationship as soon as possible, if your deep desire is to live the True Love.

And if you are in True Love, then you have nothing to fear from these times of purifying fire, which can only bring you closer to the truth of yourself and each other. These tests are there to help you out of the blindness of the ego, which limits you in expressing love unconditionally.
The ego is not "bad" redisons- still, it just needs to be put back in its proper place, where it's no longer an obstacle to the lucidity and the True Self.

Your fears, your wounds, your anger, revealed more clearly than ever the revelatory power of orgasmic energy, will have no choice but to transmute. And allowing you to transmute the faster, will show you exactly perfectly honest and sincere with yourself, as with the other.

If you decline the expression of this truth, if you you persist in cheating, as it will prevent you terribly _ and increasingly Plus_ uncomfortable, because in this type of relationship there is the slightest room for false pretenses and compromises.

C is there any particular alchemy that comes from Sacred Sexuality. Find the pure gold of Who you really are. As I have said, this is one way of knowledge and return to the Light.
This is certainly not the choice of the facility, yet it is the choice of bliss.
Will you adventurers True Love in times of elevation? ...

I realize that reading this post will inspire in you a few questions. With the agreement of the one through whom I speak / write, I suggest you send him your questions if you have them, and my answers will eventually be the next post.

The only reason I share with you that knowledge is the joy of bringing you who feel you are ready and want, to the exhilarating Light of Divine Love.

Mary Magdalene I am, and a multiple .
* View Post Couple on the Freedom-and True Love.
** Say "nou-ouann"
It can also have other names .

Message channeled by Anamaria Molina, in 2011 and in January 2012
Contact: anamaria.ashoa@gmail.com
Link: http://conscience-epanouissement.blogspot.fr/2012/01/la-sexualite-sacree-message-de-marie.html

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Re: Message of Mary Magdalene : Couple Sacred, Sacred Sexuality:

Message  OYABIO le Lun 15 Juin - 15:00



Voici le récit personnel de Marie Madeleine. Il porte sur sa relation tantrique avec Yeshua ben Joseph, connu aujourd'hui sous le nom de Jésus-Christ. C'est l'histoire d'un amour si fort qu'il a survécu à 2000 ans de mensonges pour être enfin raconté «à l'aube de la fin des temps».

Initiée de haut rang du temple d'Isis, Marie Madeleine était le Saint-Graal, la coupe qui porta le sang du Christ. Et le «soleil» prophétisé depuis longtemps qui devait naître d'elle était une fille baptisée Sar'h.

Marie Madeleine a personnellement fourni les informations contenues dans ce manuscrit, et ses enseignements ont été reproduits mot pour mot, comme elle les a transmis. On y décrit le processus alchimique que Yeshua et elle ont mis en pratique. C'est d'ailleurs cette alchimie qui prépara Yeshua à poursuivre sa vie après la mort afin de réaliser sa destinée et de tracer une voie de lumière depuis les royaumes de la mort, une voie que chacun de nous peut suivre.

À la requête d'Isis, voici son histoire, laquelle dévoile quelques-uns des secrets les plus ésotériques des temples. À ce texte remarquable, Tom Kenyon a ajouté une comparaison avec les principaux courants d'alchimie interne, ainsi qu'un survol détaillé de la haute alchimie égyptienne et une clarification des alchimies d'Horus.

. Que ceux qui ont les yeux pour voir puissent voir. Que ceux qui ont les oreilles pour entendre puissent entendre. Que ceux qui n'ont ni les uns ni les autres continuent leur chemin.

QUELQUES EXTRAITS de ce livre ici :


L'élégance du Temps est celle qui démêle les structures de l'Espace qui ont masqué l'Amour à lui même (James des WINGMAKERS)


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