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the PAIN of Musicians

Message  OYABIO le Lun 28 Sep - 9:13

source http://output.com/14-ways-to-beat-creative-block/

It’s normal to experience the ebb and flow of creativity, but sometimes we’ll find a creative block lasting much longer.
What do you do when you’re sick of creating music – when the thought of returning to the computer to continue that track or album project fills you with dread and frustration instead of excitement and a sense of fulfillment?

This article originally appeared on Get That Pro Sound.

It’s easy to see how we get ourselves into this situation. Modern music production is full of pitfalls masquerading as “infinite opportunities”: falling down the rabbit hole of endless fine tweaks; overwhelm at the limitless options; switching out that (now) annoying bass sound that was the initial starting point of the whole song; scrapping whole projects in an implosion of frustration and ‘I just can’t make it work!’ self-berating… The life of a musician is never plain sailing, and there will be times when we’ve just had enough.

With this in mind, it’s not so much about trying to completely avoid these moments of creative drought or resistance, but more how we respond to these difficulties when they do arise. How we respond can ultimately mean the difference between eventually getting back in the saddle and finishing productions – or not.

The key thing is that working harder and for longer is not the answer. Efficiency and creativity don’t come from the same mental place. Instead, we’ll have to learn some tricks to loosen up our thinking.

Go to the source link to read the following how to, because I know how to hihihiiiii

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