PLUTO is z 9 PLANET in TAOIST COSMOLOGY 1000years b4 Christ

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PLUTO is z 9 PLANET in TAOIST COSMOLOGY 1000years b4 Christ

Message  OYABIO le Mer 28 Oct - 13:07

GENESIS Source http://www.artic.edu/taoism/tradition/introb.php

the I CHING https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching

PLUTO was know to ANCIENT TAOISTS 1000 year before X, they called it the 9th planet


6,000 years old Ancient drawings include Neptune,Uranus & PLUTO - planets not known by modern peoples until 1846, 1781, & 1930 respectively & describe the earth rotating around the sun. In 1849,

Austin Henry Layard discovered 22,000 clay tablets in the Ancient Sumerian city of Nineveh, PERSIA, (now Iraq area). The tablets contain cuneiform script, created by the Sumerians 6,000 years ago.

The circular clay tablet shown HERE http://www.sitchin.com/nasa_looking.htm  was discovered 150 years ago at Nineveh the capital of ancient Assyria, (in what is now Iraq). The tablet shows drawings of constellations and pictogram-based text known as cuneiform which was used by the Sumerians, the earliest known civilization in the world.

The many ancient texts, unearthed by archeologists, that deal with the Anunnaki, their comings and goings, and the astronomical knowledge (among other sciences) that they bequeathed to Mankind, have been revealed and explained in my series of books, beginning with The 12th Planet.

Sitchin indicates that the Sumerian Epic of Creation calls Pluto/Gaga the "House of Bright Waters". Let's see if New Horizons confirms that description.

Note that I'd like to find more on the Sumerian description of Pluto (Gaga in Sumerian).

Zecharia Sitchin  http://www.sitchin.com/
Zecharia Sitchin was One of the few scholars in the world able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets, Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) based his bestselling The 12th Planet on texts from the ancient civilizations of the Near East.

NOW WE KNOW THAT AROUND THE EARTH, in mostly every Countries (including Europe n Russia), HUGE PYRAMIDS  http://rvlations.1fr1.net/t1182-great-pyramids-everywhere-on-earth   seemingly all near identically constructed as the Egyptians first pyramids of KEMETS,  http://thegreaterpicture.com/pyramids.html  and one of this country is CHINA (there is a hudge under water city in the Japanese waters too).... before or during ANCIENT TAOISTS like LAO TSEU n others

The most famous one is  the Pyramid Mausoleum built for the First Emperor of China was once a structure like no other (and a deadly one at that). Construction lasted from 246BC to 208BC and supposedly 700,000 men aided in the build, many of whom were buried alive within the pyramid to protect its secrets. To help guide him to the afterlife, the emperor had several platoons of clay soldiers also built to accompany him in eternal rest.

The reason this pyramid is so incredible is due to the lengths the Emperor went to protect himself in the afterlife. As well as having the pyramid covered in grass to make it seem like a hill, he had its hallways built with countless traps inside of them to overcome any unsuspecting thieves. What kind of traps you ask? It is known that a river of mercury was installed within the tomb, something which even today prevents the Chinese government from excavating properly.

BUT THERE ARE MORE MYSTERIES and well before this emperor time :

Now this guy sort of made an ARCHEOLOGICAL """ proof """" with a LINK that tend to "" prove "" it was the same builders of PYRAMIDS in Egypt as those in China and probably elsewhere....(it mention the I CHING, said to be 2000 years before X, but I suspect much older knowledge led to the I ching as we know it now)


This link can't be faked, it's sort of "" lazer burned "" like a SEAL, in the atomic structure of a stone in Egypt and exactly the same well details under the paw of an old bronze Chinese Sphinx in front of the forbiden City.....

EXACTLY THE SAME LINK at a period of Time where each other China n Egypt (according to our own school hystory) were not supposed to know each other, because no boats, no planes at the time and no internet either....


CHINA has a METAL pipes of  more than150 000 years old, yes you heard well here 150 000 years old, at a time when man had barely started using fire?

the BAIGONG metal pipes Pyramid



L'élégance du Temps est celle qui démêle les structures de l'Espace qui ont masqué l'Amour à lui même (James des WINGMAKERS)


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