1 drone autonome capable de voler seul en foret

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1 drone autonome capable de voler seul en foret

Message  OYABIO le Dim 8 Nov - 8:35

source http://realcleverscience.tumblr.com/post/132524396652/futurescope-drone-autonomously-dips-darts-and

Andrew Barry, a researcher from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), has developed an obstacle-detection system that allows a drone to autonomously dip, dart and dive through a tree-filled field at upwards of 30 miles per hour without Lidar or Kinect hardware.

Running 20 times faster than existing software, Barry’s stereo-vision algorithm allows the drone to detect objects and build a full map of its surroundings in real-time. Operating at 120 frames per second, the software - which is open-source and available online - extracts depth information at a speed of 8.3 milliseconds per frame. See the drone in action below:

The onewing, which weighs just over a pound and has a 34-inch wingspan, was made from off-the-shelf components costing about $1,700, including a camera on each wing and two processors no fancier than the ones you’d find on a cellphone.

[Andrew Barry] [via Robotics Trends] [CSAIL] [github] [paper]

This is pretty awesome! And it’s open-source! I’m sure drone enthusiasts are pretty psyched about now. hell, I am too. it means better drones. it means less crashing drones (I think/hope). And all that means that I may get a drone-delivered pizza sooner.

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