SOME JEWS were NAZIS during HITLER's time

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SOME JEWS were NAZIS during HITLER's time

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Emil Maurice

Maurice was a long-time friend of Hitler and was a member of the Nazi party before that party gained control of the German government.

After being named the first supreme commander of the SA and after signing on as SS member number 2 (Hitler was member number 1) he was accused by Himmler of having Jewish ancestry. A law within the SS stated that all officers had to be able to prove racial purity back to 1750 and Maurice's great-grandfather, Charles Maurice Schwartzenberger (1805–1896), was Jewish.

Himmler recommended that Maurice and all his brothers be expelled from the SS, but Hitler compelled Himmler to make an exception and allow them to stay as "Honorary Aryans."

   When the SS was reorganized and began to expand in 1932, Maurice became a senior SS officer and would eventually be promoted to the rank SS-Oberführer. While Maurice never became a top commander of the SS his status as SS Member #2 effectively credited him as the actual founder of the organization. Heinrich Himmler, who ultimately would become the most recognized leader of the SS, held SS Member #168.


Erhard Milch was a German Field Marshall.

According to Wikipedia, his father was Jewish, and there were perhaps even some claims that his mother was Jewish too.

If you accept that being Jewish is some sort of inherited property (as opposed to a belief in Judaism, acceptance into/of a religious organisation, self-description or of cultural practices), then it could be argued that he was a Jew who served as a high-level officer in the German Army.

However, in 1935, Milch's mother claimed that Milch's putative father was not his real father, and named another man. This allowed him to be issued with a German Blood Certificate. So, by the contemporary Nazi Germany laws, he was declared not Jewish.


Mussolini was a Jew who only had sexual relations with Jews, including Margherita Sarfatti, art patron, journalist, Mother of Fascism.


Approximately half of the Nazis were Jewish, including Reinhard Heydrich.

Also Jewish were Erhard Milch, head of the Luftwaffe; Robert Lay, head of the German Labor Front; and, while we’re at it, Eichmann. Ditto Emil Maurice, Hitler’s bodyguard and chauffeur, and Arthur Kannenberg, Hitler’s (vegetarian) chef. The Wehrmacht Soldier of the Year for 1938 was Werner Goldberg.


Hitler was a coreligionist: His father was conceived while his grandmother worked, as a servant, for a rich Jewish family named Frankenberger, in the town of Graz. Though a few accounts say their affair was consensual, most hold that the Führer’s grandmother was sadistically raped. After the Anschluss, Hitler ordered a certain Austrian village GRAZ to be entirely destroyed, including its synagogue and cemetery, which contained the Jewish headstones of his relatives. Obviously, Hitler felt most comfortable around his own kind.

Thousands of men of Jewish descent and hundreds of what the Nazis called 'full Jews' served in the German military with Adolf Hitler's knowledge and approval.

Cambridge University researcher Bryan Rigg has traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 of Hitler's soldiers, including two field marshals and fifteen generals (two full generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals), "men commanding up to 100,000 troops."

In approximately 20 cases, Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded Germany's highest military honor, the Knight's Cross.

One of these Jewish veterans is today an 82 year old resident of northern Germany, an observant Jew who served as a captain and practiced his religion within the Wehrmacht throughout the war.

One of the Jewish field marshals was Erhard Milch, deputy to Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Goering. Rumors of Milch's Jewish identity circulated widely in Germany in the 1930s.

In one of the famous anecdotes of the time, Goering falsified Milch's birth record and when met with protests about having a Jew in the Nazi high command, Goering replied, ``I decide who is a Jew and who is an Aryan.''

Rigg's research also shed light on stories surrounding the rescue by German soldiers of the Lubavitcher grand rabbi of that time, who was in Warsaw when the war broke out in 1939.

Joseph Isaac Schneerson grand rabbi was spirited to safety after an appeal to Germany from the United States. Schneerson was assisted by a German officer Rigg has identified as the highly decorated Maj. Ernst Bloch, whose father was a Jew.

Jews also served in the Nazi police and security forces as ghetto police (Ordnungdienst) and concentration camp guards (kapos).

So what happens to the claim that Hitler sought to exterminate all Jews, when he allowed some of them to join in his struggle against Bolshevism and International finance capitalism?


William D. Montalbano, "The Jews in Hitler's Military," Los Angeles Times, Dec. 24, 1996.

Tom Tugend, "Grad student uncovers Jews who fought for Adolf Hitler," Jewish Telegraph Agency, Dec. 26, 1996.

Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators.


others FAMOUS INFAMOUS JEWS that u may not beleive were Jews !!!



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