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how Percy Weston mineral powder has developed.

A soil analysis showed his farm soils were very acidic and virtually drained of calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, cobalt and several other minerals needed for animal and human nutrition. Here at last was demonstrated cause and effect. He believed it was due to his use of super-phosphate fertilizer which is highly acidic (with a pH of 1.5) and kills essential soil bacteria and worms, upsetting the mineral balance of the soil.

He then experimented with salt licks containing different minerals. He searched for the best way to eliminate excess phosphorus from his sheep and to replace lacking minerals. He also switched to using natural, slower-acting, non-acidic rock phosphate on his pastures. Super-phosphate is a chemical fertilizer which is produced by the action of sulfuric acid on phosphate rock, making the phosphorus more soluble for faster release.

CANCER, CAUSE AND CURE - PART 3 of PERCY WESTON BOOK - learn how Percy and his wife got rid of their cancers.

Up until that time Percy's wife had shown little interest in his HUSBAND minerals. But when she developed uterine cancer, the size of a tennis ball, and was told by her doctor she needed a hysterectomy, she took Percy's minerals and the tumor disappeared without surgery, and 4 months later she was pregnant after years of infertility. She gave birth to a 9 pound boy. But she stopped taking the mineral powder after his birth and in 1954, after the birth of her second child, she developed breast cancer and was advised by her doctor to have a mastectomy. So she took the minerals again and in 4 months the lump was gone and never returned. Her death 37 years later was from a fall, not cancer.

Percy tried to interest the medical profession in his findings but could not get anyone to listen. He was dismissed as just an ignorant farmer. For the next 50 years he supplied his mineral powder to hundreds of interested visitors who came to his remote farm in Victoria, Australia. Over the years he saw miracle after miracle of recovery from serious illnesses by people who took his mineral powder which he continued to balance and refine.

But, after his wife's death in 1987, Percy became depressed and stopped taking his powdered minerals and he began eating high phosphorous foods again. (meat, fish, milk, eggs.) 5 months later he developed 5 spots of skin cancer on his face, including a melanoma on the top pf his nose. So he went back on the powder and the low phosphorous foods, and in 3 months the skin lesions were gone. He lived in good health until he died in his sleep in 2004. His book, Cancer - Cause and Cure was written in 2000 when he was 97 and still hale and hearty. He wanted to tell the world that cancer often is cured by proper nutrition.

It is interesting that even a man like Percy Weston, who had learned the hard way about the importance of balanced, natural minerals in the diet, was not convinced until late in life about the necessity of providing one's own body on a regular basis with a well-balanced natural (not chemical) mineral supplement.

Trace minerals, such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, selenium, chromium, and boron are lacking in most soils, so they are lacking in our foods. Trace minerals cannot be made by plants or by our bodies. They must come from the soil. They are necessary for our body to perform hundreds of key functions. They are like the spark plugs of a car. A motor will still run if just half of the plugs are firing, but power output is lowered and smooth running is lost. The body can go on living with inadequate minerals, but diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, prostate problems, etc. keep doctors busy and prosperous.....them will not tell you what can cure you for no money

For more information about mineral supplementation make sure you click on the link in the Resource Box below.

Vaughn Early Source http://www.articleslash.net/Cancer/291819__Cancer-Can-Be-Beaten-Part-3.html

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