PHAGO THERAPY can sometime work where other treatments fails

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PHAGO THERAPY can sometime work where other treatments fails

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Today's escalating antibiotics crisis is the direct result of the large scale and indiscriminant over-use of antibiotics and disinfectants, which has triggered an increase in the quantity, variety, and proliferation of multidrug-resistant and, consequently, particularly virulent bacterial pathogens.

These pathogens have developed resistance to virtually all extant antibiotics, including the antibiotic of last resort, called : vancomycin.

Pathogens, once considered clinically under control or obliterated, are re-emerging as prolific killers (e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis).

Highly virulent and resistant nosocomial infections are rampant in hospitals everywhere.

In US hospitals alone, more than 2,000,000 patients succumb to infectious diseases every year, and over 90,000 die-compared with a yearly mortality of 15,000 in the early 1990s.

Ninety percent (90%) of staphylococci-the pathogens responsible for fifteen percent (15%) of all bacterial infections-are penicillin resistant, and forty percent (40%) are resistant to methycillin.

Physicians are resorting to extreme measures: Sixty-three percent (63%) of US vancomycin prescriptions violate the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) guidelines and, thereby, accelerate the formation of bacterial resistance.

The medical community has thus inadvertently entered the "post-antibiotic" era, with no conventional remedy in sight. The indiscriminate over-use of antibiotics has succeeded in eradicating only the antibiotic-susceptible infectious strains while empowering highly resistant "super bugs."

Furthermore, without a significant overhaul in antibiotic-use policy, history suggests that most or all chemical antimicrobials in the development pipeline will also trigger rapid evolution of target-bacterium resistance...

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To help to stop all of that, there is an ALTERNATIVE, and it's called the PHAGO THERAPY or the THERAPY by the PHAGES...

Phage therapy is a method of antibacterial treatment that harnesses the bacteria-killing properties of otherwise harmless viruses. Phage therapy is practiced routinely in the former Soviet Union as an alternative, combinatory, and complimentary form of treatment in conjunction with, or in lieu of, antibiotics.

This time-proven Eastern European practice
has received surprisingly little exposure in the West, and, consequently,
it has failed to win its due recognition in the West.

Standardized phage medicines in numerous forms are being produced in several locations in Russia and Georgia. These concentrated, polyvalent phage preparations are typically comprised of mixtures of different phages of wide host range that infect and kill many bacterial species and strains. follow this news here : http://www.phage-biotech.com/links.html





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