The Healing Secret

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The Healing Secret

Message  OYABIO le Mar 31 Juil - 6:17

With Life, we have been given Freedom to do what ever we want with our gift
but in an Existencia, we experiment DUALITY and all things appears as dual to our
senses.......and people often wonder, which way to take, to get the most surely
to the DEVELOPMENT of the BEST of SELVES.....

Shakespeare resume this quest by : TO BE or not TO BE, that is THE QUESTION......

but the old Taoist
Masters like Lao Tsu, Confucius, etc,
had a long time before,the answer :

TO BE and not TO BE....that is THE ANSWER.....

and OBYONETAOPY perfectionned this vision by this simple dual phrase,
that gives the light to THE ANSWER.....in his I CHINGS books of CHANGE

"""" 2 ways are always in front of each and everyone of us, in this Existencia, in everything that we do, and that necessitate of us a choice......in the orientation that we give to our Life in our exercice of our Freedom :

The first way is a quest for energy that gains in energy by an activity that consumes and degrades more

The second way is a quest for energy that gains in energy by an activity that renew n regenerates more

In every situations of our existencia, every seconds of it we have this choice to make between these two ways possible of acting...and we have always according to our choices.....

The HEALING SECRET is clear here......if the choice of the first way has provoked most of the ills and sufferings we can see around us and sometimes in us during this existentia, it is now clear to the light of this, that the second way is the SOLUTION to heal most of our difficult situations.....and it all depends on the choice we make in the use of our Freedom.....We are the sole masters of our destiniy.....destiny if not a one and for all fixed fate....we can decide to choose the U TURN way...instead of the way with never any RETURNS for renewing and regenerating our energy....

More to understand that vision that is not really a vision, but more or less real facts for those who really investigate all of this in practice .....

Kishori Aird's Guide to Reprogramming our DNA


Taoist Sexual Secrets to renew and regenerate our energy :


Some people and scientists are starting to understand that the body is not a mere mecanic, but is far more subtle, http://menalive.com/the-four-hidden-energy-healing-secrets-your-doctor-hopes-youll-never-learn/ and that we can only approach it, by what has created it, that is the Energy of Life...(all bodies being a coalescence of an Energy, a bit like the Earth is the coalescence of the Volcano Lava that has "" momentarily FROZEN "" into a solid form to serve has vehicule to our entity of life energy......

A video that will help you to understand most of that developped here :


L'élégance du Temps est celle qui démêle les structures de l'Espace qui ont masqué l'Amour à lui même (James des WINGMAKERS)


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