Medium Teresa CAPUTO parle avec les Morts (english)

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Medium Teresa CAPUTO parle avec les Morts (english)

Message  OYABIO le Mer 15 Aoû - 17:57

Another Fine Medium that can see, hear the deads in the after life.and talk to them

Teresa Caputo (usa) videos en anglais http://is.gd/yZi9iq

et quel tempérament ce petit bout de femme.....

What's the différences between Psychic and Medium ?

A person who is Psychic can tap into your energy and present you with information about your past, present, and probabilities for the future. A Medium receives information psychically and can sense and communicate with the energy of souls who have gone through the change called death. All of my psychic faculties are used during a reading, including feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting information from your loved ones. I also “just know” things, which is called claircognizance. It’s as if someone just inserts information into my head, suddenly, it’s just there. As a Medium, my job is to assist the living and those in Spirit by translating their communication to prove that life exists beyond the death of the body. I do not give predictions, medical diagnosis or fortune telling. Medium-ship is for healing grief and expanding your own awareness of the eternal nature of the soul. ... Source : http://www.molliemorningstar.com/FAQ.html

L'élégance du Temps est celle qui démêle les structures de l'Espace qui ont masqué l'Amour à lui même (James des WINGMAKERS)


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