Julian ASSANGE public discours at the Ecuadorian Embassy, London, broacasted by Russia Today

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Julian ASSANGE public discours at the Ecuadorian Embassy, London, broacasted by Russia Today

Message  OYABIO le Dim 19 Aoû - 15:38

I never thought.....I would one day favorite a RUSSIAN Media for a Freedom Act.....but this one is a Golden one...

Russia Today is the first to TV broadcast the DISCOURS of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London......today.... while no big occidental media seem to want to do it....including all these fake live streams on twitter that did not do it....


Traduction Française du discours, en texte


This is odd, because Russia is not known for a particular trend to defend Freedom....and we are more used to think (having been brain washed all these years by our own merdias) that USA, UK, AUSTRALIA are the Freedom Defenders of the world....but this time, the poles have shifted, the case Julain Assange has revealed much of the fake Freedom that UK, AUSTRALIA n USA nowadays defend.....by their attacks on whisle blowers like Assange and all others, that bring us ""real news"" of "" behind the curtains "" compared to the ready to digest ones that the TV of the west gives us under spotlights of their screen, protecting dictators, torturers, criminals, banksters and so on...behind the screens....

So welcome to my RUSSIAN friends if they defend FREEDOM........but....let not ourselves be fooled by one good deed amongst many dark ones like PUSSY RIOTwith 2 years prison for just a song in a church....etc etc....it will take a lot more than that, to make me beleive that Russia is pro FREEDOM......but now I disbeleive that the west is pro freedom....and it's a big step passed upward.....to see that TRUTH and FREEDOM is not liked by some OCCIDENTALS.....another illusion bits the dust...and that is good for the waking up....

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