Birgitta Jonsdóttír Icelandic Activist IN the video the Mouse That Roared

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Birgitta Jonsdóttír Icelandic Activist IN the video the Mouse That Roared

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IMAGINE A NATION that offers a safe haven to whistleblowers risking their lives to stand up and speak the truth.

IMAGINE AN INTERNET that empowers “netizens,” rather than collecting data and spying on them.

Judith Ehrlich, Academy Award-nominated 
director of “The Most Dangerous Man in America, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers,” is bringing a red hot story from a cool country. With a contribution to our Indiegogo campaign, you will join the global movement for internet freedom and help us get the word out about it.

THE MOUSE THAT ROARED, based in Iceland, investigates one of the most pressing challenges in the world today —how do we extend the hard-won rights of democratic societies into the digital space where most of our communication now takes place?

Through our character-driven documentary featuring Birgitta Jonsdóttír – poet, Buddhist, activist, single mom, and elected member of the Icelandic Parliament –we explore the question, “is the Internet to become what WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange calls “the most significant surveillance machine that we have ever seen,” or will it be a platform for innovation, creativity, community building and justice?


$50,000 in 40 days! That’s our goal. Transparency is the theme of our film, and transparency is what we offer to you.

We are one year into production, and we’ve collected, through travels to Iceland, Germany, Northern California, and most recently Canada, about 50 hours of exciting and compelling footage. However, the full story is not yet told.....

This Fall is a critically important time to film again. Birgitta is leading the fight to move IMMI, The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative through the Icelandic Parliament as well as traveling worldwide to advance the ideas. Passing IMMI will make Iceland into a unique haven for on-line free speech, promote government transparency, and protect whistleblowers worldwide. She will address International parliamentarians in Brussels, free thinkers in Denmark, internet pioneers in London and The Global Economic Symposium in Rio as well as participate in Iceland in their historic Constitutional Referendum- the culmination of a process creating the first crowd-sourced Constitution in history. Capturing her in actoin, editing new material and moving towards a first rough cut of the film is the overall goal for the next six months.


Sundance Institute, LEF Foundation, Berkeley Film Fund, and Chicken And Egg Pictures have all funded our start-up along with many individual donors, all of whom we are very grateful to. This early funding has been crucial to get us this far, but now that we are ready to complete another round of filming, and begin editing, we are out of cash and coming to you for your support!

We need funds for:

• filming in Iceland + UK + Brussels at the end of October including:

flights & accommodations for director, producers, and film crew and hiring local crew, grip truck and lights on location.

• managing social media, growing our audience, and building our support base

• additional editing, production and development expenses

In partnership with concerned and inspired folks like you, we are confident we will reach our goal. It takes a village to make a film, and we’d like you to be one of our friendly neighbors. 

We need your support to make this village come together!

As we film this breaking story around the world, we will take you with us! Contribute to our campaign and get regular insider updates direct from our locations!

Join with us to help create a global community in support of the fight for digital democracy!

** TAX DEDUCTIBLE contributions can be made via PayPal payment option.

** Music in trailer by Chris Hajian, Sigur Ros & Zoe Keating - currently unlicensed until we raise further funds!


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