My vision of MUSIC and my way of creating by OBYONETAOPY

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My vision of MUSIC and my way of creating by OBYONETAOPY

Message  OYABIO le Lun 4 Mar - 13:08

How OBYONETAOPY sees things about Music :

Music if INFINITE as the général saying goes... and “” the coin get tossed but leads to things that don't get lost “” (Neil Young)......these are the main rules that guides me in my music making....

Knowing that LIFE is INFINITE and MUSIC is like LIFE, helps to not stick oneself in a corner and not move out of it, resting there all our Life.....and the coin that get tossed shows that everything in Life is in CONSTANT CHANGE that renews LIFE in a NEW INTENSITY of LIFE that RENEWS and REGENERATE self endlessly.....

Surealist Music is a Chaos Lover that has the magic wand that makes him to musicaly fly above those that stand upright (Rock Musikers) on the back of those that are on their knees and elbows (Mainstream Musikers)

Music is INFINITE, by Essence Mystic.....ordinary musicians mostly approach MUSIC mainly through their senses, their mental and 'intellect, neglecting the Mystic of it's Essence (that's why they codified it and measure it all the time, at all sauces, to attempt to possess a bit of infinity, thinking yeaha guys, look at that, I have a bit of infinity as furniture in my house, I am the land lord of this part of infinity...thus deceiting themselves and others about the true nature of Music, TRUE NATURE that is not made to fit in a fish bowl...and swim in there round and round endlessly....(mind you, LOOPS are usefull too)

Most musics are mirror effects of the thoughts and beliefs of their creators, mirror effects of what their creator thinks he or she is, or what she or he is not, but many have no real conscience of what they truly are in their mystical reality, thus not knowing their own fundamental basis, they own Universal root, them make Musics that are conditioned not to let INFINITY breathe in them....and these musics are recognised by others (like them) that gives them degree up or down in their likings...... that too does not let breathe the INFINITY in them.....They are the ones swimming round and round in a fish bowl, waiting for the cat to come.

These Musicians are part of the matrix that seeks to enhide to all the Beauty of INFINITY, the Beauty of THE FREE, they are “”renegates”” to the Natural Mystic that animates all Kids....Their approach of music is more of that of a scientist that cut open a frog to see what's inside, they think they know it all by this illusory power, but all they have in the end is a corpse....the LIVING escapes them in their Musics, because the LIVING is FREE, SAVAGE and uncirconscriptable....and even so their musics pleases their senses, and that of others, (excepted a few musicians that knows how to united the senses to THE ESSENCE) it brings nothing to the elevation of their Essence....for the meeting together with THE ESSENCE of ALL MUSICS.....THE INFINITE....

Here is one of my favorite books about Music : http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/mt/mt_c10.shtml

How OBYONETAPY works things to make his Music :

New Way of making music ? I HAVE deliberatly chosen not to learn anything about Music (the World helped me much to that) I choose like that so as to stay in a sort of pure childish approach of the unconfortable Chaos of Sounds and vibrations offering endless Choices that I can organises as much as I can vith the hasard in forms of Surealist and Unstructured musics http://obyonetaopy.bandcamp.com that makes my originality.

I am not a Musician like most Musicians that did schools, and I surely not know how to play an instrument like they do...I do not seek to know music, I do not even seek to know how to play of an instrument, excepted the computor that ables me to play and paint my sounds and vibrations like I like them to be painted ...

Hasard and Chaos......them two are a precious keys to enter the INFINITY of MUSIC without loosing self in trivial pursuits that conditions/limits what's in us seeks only the FREE and the LIMITLESS...

My MUSIC participate entirely of the PHILOSOPHY and the PRATICE of the I CHING, like JOHN CAGE (the Musicien, not the actor) did before me .

I let myself be guided by the INTUITIF LINKS (Hasard) of the APPARENT ABSENCE of STRUCTURES (Chaos) of things in the I CHING to CREATE my MUSIC. My approach of music is that of a Painter, not that of a musician, I paint music, I do not think it....My Albums (40) are my finished canvass...and the Mastering or absency of mastering is the final or not so final varnish...

Not one single track I make can be taken out of the whole album and be called a Painting, it's only all the tracks together of an album that can be called a Painting......

In the chaos of infinite musical vibrations and sounds, I like the COGNITIVE DISSONANCES, because I do think that the opposites are not forces enemies, but forces complementaries...and when I succeed in making a new harmonisation of what I was told told was impossible to mix together, I am in a sheer joy...but you must know that many frustrations comes before the final sheer joy, and that it does not always endup like this.....Many of my music attempts to it have been discarded because the general sounds of the opposites did not create a new harmony when I mixed them …. not that they could not, but because I was unable to find the link that would make it.

My albums ( my French site http://www.yiking-music.com/ ) are my Finished Musical Paintings, sounds are my colors and the vibrations and frequencies are the effects I give to my colors...

I believe there is no “” false notes “” only some notes that are not yet in a right environment, and notes that have not yet been mixed with the right opposites...”” false notes “” do not exists..... and do not forget, I reject nothing that other musicians usely reject...

Buggy noises, hum, hiss, clicks and all others unwanted sounds can be accepted by me and be part of my musics, if they fit the mood I am in at creation, and so, if while hearing my music people come to think that I am a poor guy that do not know how to make clean musics...they must return to school, because they have missed an important point in music making...this point is : there is no good or bad sounds, only sounds that we know how to use or don't.....

Not knowing much about Scholastica Musics (Music taught in schools), not even knowing the Notes, how to recognize each other, I use sounds and vibrations, that I create, as an artist draws and puts colors on his canvas and after that I weave anew the canvas (mixing).

If the disadvantage of this approach is to be alone without being able to play with other musicians, it nevertheless offers an advantage, we are absolutly FREE in the CREATION process, because with no particular structures in mind, we are not conditioned to specific musical structures and by working with the chance or hasard, we can more freely explore the chaos of music that others do not dare to go and explore, because too conditioned to want their music to follow what they want to do and the way they want it to be done in a structured way ......

and by having no LIMITATIONS of the STRUCTURED, the hasard offers us more opportunities to make plenty of new interesting musics...some of those musics image mirror of the CHAOS in a fractal way, others fractaly harmonised to reflect the invisible harmony of Chaos in it's appearences of non harmony...

My work is at the opposite to the approach of many musicians, I do not make music, it's the MUSIC that makes itself through my poor unmucicaly scolasticed me...eeeeee

To put it clear a little, my music creations are not really understandable in the conscious and collective unconscious of many (even by me sometimes), it”s all too new for them that can not grasp any one of their sensual musical habits, that conforts them, in my Musics...That is why I use these words : Electro Acoustic Bizarre, Abstract Music Surealist, as to warn many people to put aside their usual rationality, and come to my musics with an open mind to unrationalistics in order to have the best chances to appreciate a bit of my musical poetry .....

So I don't know if it's the kind of writen stuff you wanted, but if it's not...I suggest to you, that you interview me, ask me your questions, and I'll answer them......and why not here on this Forum ?, so that you can keep the thread

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