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Hanging out on the towering heights of a tree is something that so many would love to do yet don’t have any means of doing so – that was until architect Alex Shirley-Smith designed Tentsile.

http://www.tentsile.com/ ( much too expensive at 500 $ ) may as well buy a hamoc and add a tent like roof above for 150 $

Tenstile is the hybrid of a tent and hammock, which involved s suspending a tent from a tree in the same way you would a hammock. Its portable and easy to use, meaning it can be taken on long journeys to any corner of the world and serve its purpose. The dangers of camping or travel outdoors are numerous, and the Tentsile aims to give you the ability to safely seek shelter abouve the ground inside the confines of a tent. With the design of a hammock, it can be easily thrown up and allows a comfortable spot to sleep and camp out.

Being away from the ground means there’s no wetness to worry about as well as potential predators lurking around. It is water proof as well as UV protected meaning it not only keeps you dry, but will stop you from overheating. The mesh guard keeps out any pestering insects, meaning you really can enjoy nature from the comfort of a tree. There is no location around the world you couldn’t take it, with it working as a conventional tent as well as a suspended one. Whether it’s hot or cold wet or dry, there is no place out of bounds with this versatile piece of hardware.

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