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Message  OYABIO le Lun 12 Déc - 18:11

The HACKATHON hosted by several arms of the movement in NYC, DC, and San Francisco, has a name that could be interpreted as deceptive, but note that HACKATHON in this case means programmers and apps developers coming together to make something new to help people communicate, while government forces try to prevent them, as it was the case during the Arab spring, in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and as it is still the case in Sirya, Yemen, Barhein and so on .

The HACKATHON is a rassembling of forces, intelligences, talents and skills OF FREE MENS and WOMENS in the codings, re-coding of INTERNET INTERNAL MECANICS, as to maintain it ACCESSIBLE and FREE for all to USE and communicate FREELY with possibly the less possible back tracing from DICTATORS or would be dictators, in hate of the CREATIVE and the FREE....

Several websites have been launched and what they are creating is terribly important. This will be a better way for protesters to communicate with themselves as well as the rest of the world. Engaging it needs to be an accessible, reliable, transparent process, free of advertizing and any type of propaganda. Furthermore, any unifying portrayal will be crucial to winning over the rest of the 99 percent that is not yet part of the movement.

Source : http://www.lastfm.fr/user/JiminyKickit/journal

L'élégance du Temps est celle qui démêle les structures de l'Espace qui ont masqué l'Amour à lui même (James des WINGMAKERS)


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